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About Us


Built on dedicated teamwork and high standards of quality results.

download-services-overviewWe have a passion for bringing your marketing strategies to life. For over twelve years, Power Marketing + Printing has been bending the limits of what traditional marketing firms are capable of. We manage your projects in-house from start to finish, focusing on every detail to ensure your brand receives the highest quality results for the fairest price. To see what we’re capable of, browse our portfolio and join our growing list of clients.


We grow by helping you grow.



President / CEO


Vice President , Production

Carol Johnson

Creative Director

Jennifer Cantrell

Client Services Manager

Our Impact

We’ve left an impression on major corporations and small businesses alike.


Power Marketing + Printing delivers integrated solutions for your business by offering unmatched printing services, marketing consultations, direct mailing and variable data services, interactive digital communications, and comprehensive branding strategies. We make it a priority to be experts in understanding our clients’ industry, audience and goals. We will never compromise our standards, and believe our mission, vision and values are the pillars of our business.

  • We, the people of Power Marketing + Printing dedicate ourselves to meeting the needs of those requiring our services by producing the highest quality products, at the best value anywhere.  We believe that our customers deserve only the finest goods and services, and that we can produce these at a lower cost than any of our competitors.  We know we will insure the long term prosperity of our company by achieving this vision.
  • We do not believe that simply producing products at a profit is enough. Rather we will do so by acting with absolute integrity at all times.  We will respect the needs and wishes of those we deal with and whose lives we touch, and we will endeavor to improve those lives by providing meaning.
  • We are leaders.  We do not fear change — we welcome it.  We are not afraid of failing and so we try new ideas. We are learners.  We seek knowledge and understanding in hope that we will find a better way …
  • We take pride in striving to be the best and are humbled when we are able to achieve it for our customers.


Download Mission Statement

  • We, the people of Power Marketing + Printing,
  • Find the most qualified and highest caliber people to operate our business.
  • Educate and train constantly.
  • Build teamwork at all levels of the organization.
  • Foster open and honest communication.
  • Improve work relationships among all groups within our company.
  • Develop timely, accurate and meaningful information systems and channels.
  • Continually seek out and analyze market information and feedback.
  • Retain our existing customers and continually provide them with more products and services.
  • Develop new markets and expand our customer base.
  • Implement a total quality program acceptable to our most demanding customers.
  • Identify cost reduction opportunities and initiate programs to realize them.
  • Invest in automation, new technology and equipment where and when appropriate.


Download Vision Statement

  • We as individuals strive to:
      • Achieve personal excellence and to take pride and enjoyment in our performance and in surpassing our own previous standards.
      • Work cooperatively as a team.
      • Communicate openly and honestly.
      • Take an active role in ensuring our products are of good and reliable quality.
      • Take an active role in our own training and education.
  • We as members of the company strive to:
      • Speak and behave with courtesy and dignity towards all individuals.
      • Treat with respect and care for our physical surroundings and the property of others.
      • Foster a safe workplace.
  • We as members of our community beyond our company strive to:
    • Recognize the needs of others and to take responsibility for helping them.
    • Recognize that because we live in a world whose environment is fragile, we must take responsibility for preserving it.


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