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Author: Power Marketing + Printing

01 Jul Fortune Favors the Bold

Change is like a breath of fresh air; it can widen perspective and sharpen focus all at once. Power Marketing + Printing has lived through years of changes that have affected the industry, our clients, and their end markets. We know the impact that change...

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26 May What’s in a Brand?

Every business has a unique mark that is left on the world. That mark could be anything, but what does it communicate about what you do? At Power Marketing + Printing we realize that branding goes far beyond your logo. It’s your business’s identity, and...

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22 May The Power of Print

We live in a media-saturated society, but do we ever wonder how that came to be? The earliest communication techniques involved offset printing, and even in the modern landscape, printing is a valued piece of the marketing puzzle. Our company has over 15 years of...

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18 May Untangling The Web

These days, having a website for your business is an essential piece of the marketing puzzle. Your website is a virtual storefront; a place where visitors can gain information and express interest in your business. Beyond the basic needs a website can fulfill, the Power...

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14 May Corner the Market

The constant flow of marketing campaigns can sometimes feel monotonous. One after another, push after push, shove after shove, regurgitating results and numbers to no end until you can’t see straight anymore. Sound familiar? Then it’s time to rethink your strategies, and our team is...

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10 May Becoming Sociable

The Internet has spoken; online culture is now a ruling force when it comes to, well, anything. With the inescapable popularity of social media, brands have taken to establishing their own presence on digital platforms. That’s why we expanded our digital services to include social media...

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06 May Be More Direct

One of the most widely used platforms for reaching your audience is as close as a stroll to the sidewalk. The tried and true mailbox is a consistent vessel for delivering messages to nearly anyone. Power Marketing + Printing manages hundreds of thousands of mailed...

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